Krztoff - Vocals
R.H. Bear - Bass
Dave Sussmann - Guitar
Brett Frana - Drums
- Vocals

Originally formed as a performance art project in 1992, the Long Island-bred Bile grew into a ferocious spectacle of industrialized metal and post-apocalyptic visuals. With as many as 11 members on-stage -- including a dominatrix and fire-breather -- the group took the snarling, aggro-electronic formula of artists like Ministry and tortured it with distorted vocals and terrorizing sampling.

Led by enigmatic vocalist Krztoff, the band released three albums on Energy Records, including their impressive debut, Suckpump. Following a tour with GWAR and countless lineup changes, Energy folded, inciting Bile to regroup and record for their own label. Sex Reflex was released on Bile Style Records in March 2000.

Following their most monumental album, Bile continued with numerous compilation discs, a best of, and their latest album, Demonic Electronic. Bile has been a one-man-project for many years, as Krztoff is the brains / creativity / talent of the studio. To accompany on tour, RHBear and other select artists are chosen to perform. Bile has become one of the biggest underground acts of the 90's as well as the millennium.

Bile has gone through constant lineup changes. The two founding members still pursuing the project are Krztoff and RH Bear. Currently, Bile is Krztoff, RH Bear, Brett Frana, Dave Sussmann, and Jester. Various artists have been in the act, so Bile has never had a permanent group lineup.

Krztoff has been an active live & recording guitarist & vocalist for the legendary band Pigface. He's also recorded with Levi for a disc dubbed, "Black From the Dead." Krztoff has remixed various tracks ranging from his own to other well known artists'.

RH Bear
RH Bear is known to assist BLK for various jam sessions with a handful of musicians. He's also very active in performing for The Triangle Artists Group. Aside from live performances, RH Bear is assembling his own solo noise / art disc as well as a book of photography.

Dave Sussmann
Dave does his own work with webpage / flash / video development. Musically, he is involved in a project dubbed Phantasma De Luxe. More information (and samples) can be found here. Dave has also worked with the electronica group, Klone.

Brett Frana


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