Interview with Dave Sussmann
11/29/05 - Garrad Mathews

Dave Sussmann is unarguably one of the most social members of Bile - aside from Bear. He and Bear are both very involved with communication between their fans, media sources, and anyone else who happens to step in their path. Being that there are little to no interviews with the members of Bile that can be found on the internet, I decided to put together a small interview / question session with Dave for inclusion on this website. Below are the questions, as answered by Dave, from November 25th of 2005.

Garrad Mathews: First of all, I’d like to get the obvious question out of the way that most Bile fans have. Is Krztoff the main writer / recording artist in the studio? Do the other members have any input?
Dave Sussmann: Krztoff is the main writer. Occasionally, Bear and I will listen to stuff he does and offer opinions and suggestions, but he is the main man.
GM: How did you get your start in music? Any influences?
DS: I started playing guitar in like 1983, when I heard the first Dio solo album. I loved that whole style of playing and i just kinda got a guitar and tried to learn to play. Now I listen to stuff like Pink Floyd, southern rock and Fleetwood Mac type stuff for influence, as well as some ambient and trip hop. I rarely listen to metal for guitar influence anymore, but that's where I come from.
GM: Bile has always been driven by their live performances. What can someone who has never seen you perform expect from a live show?
DS: Just a lot of smoke, strobes, really loud beats and shadows. We don't use any club's stage lights, we prefer to bring our own back-lit dungeon onto the stage and suck people in. Besides, who would wanna look at our ugly faces?
GM: What do you enjoy most about your shows? What band(s) have you enjoyed touring / playing with the most?
DS: Well, I loved every tour, from the small van tours to the tourbus ones. I just love to drink and play and hang out. Obviously, on the KMFDM and Pigface / Thrill Kill Kult tour we reached a larger audience and the beer was flowing, so those were standouts for me.
GM: Is there any specific track(s) that you enjoy performing most at your shows?
DS: I love to play "Jerk" (from Demonic) and "You Can't Love This" (from Teknowhore) - also "Compound Pressure" is a favorite. I like the moodier stuff.
GM: I have been told that you are credited to having created the rather impressive videos and imagery used during Bile's shows. Any truth to this? If so, were you involved with the creation of the “In League” and “Love Stinks” videos?
DS: I helped put together the live stage video, did lots of editing and effects and stuff like that. I also filmed and edited the entire "Love Stinks" video (Krztoff directed it) and made the "In League" video out of all the bootleg videos we have as well as some original shot footage that Krztoff and Bear did. So yes, I had a big hand in the videos. I had nothing to do with the "I Reject" video; that was made before I joined the band.
GM: Bile has quite a large underground fan-base and it seems as if you guys are happy with this. Has it always been an intent to stay an underground band?
DS: I don't think it's anyone's conscious descision to remain underground. I would love to make a living at this and be able to do it full-time, but the way the music business is set up, I guess it just wasn't meant to be for us. We do not fit into any mainstreasm style, and we are not pretty, punky, poppy, gelled hair mallcore kids. We have been doing this kind of music for a long time, are serious about it, and this is all we have done. We don't have any radio hits, although I really think a song like "Jerk" could be a hit if we edited the part about fist-fucking; it is a timeless classic along the lines of the Beatles' "Hey Jude."
GM: It’s obvious that you guys have always had a good time as a performing band yet the lineup is ever-changing. You have been a member of Bile through some of this, so how do you feel about the constant lineup changes?
DS: I should let Bear answer that - although I am very happy about the addition of our roadie Brett to our line-up :)
GM: What do you guys do outside of music – be it for fun, work, etc? Any particular interests?
DS: I do web design, and have been working for for many years. They are way cool with me touring, and it is good to have a full time job and an apartment that I can pay rent on waiting for me when I get home from a tour rather than mom's basement and a gas pump at 38 years old. I just love to hang out and go out here in NYC. I have lots of good friends here so I'm never really bored. I also like to fuck around recording with my "solo" project that is linked elsewhere on this site.
GM: Exactly how long are your massive dreads? How long has it taken to grow them?
DS: I never measured, but my longest dread has to be over 4 feet long, maybe close to 5. I have had dreads for a long time.
GM: Will we be seeing anything new concert-wise during the tour for the upcoming album?
DS: Theres always something new, and always something the same. The fact is that we rarely tour, so when we do decide to do it, we like to just go out and blast it from the stage and the audience takes care of the rest. It's always something new because there's always kids who have never seen us and can't believe we are actually playing in their shitty town!
GM: Lastly, what do you think you’d be doing right now if you weren’t involved in music?
DS: Being rich, happy and gainfully employed.
GM: Well, I thank you for taking time to answer my questions, Dave! I appreciate it and wish Bile luck with everything they have planned for the future.

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