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"BILE emerged from the industrial underground at a time when wannabe-NIN types were coming out of the woodwork with a pounding, violent, and obscene EP called Suckpump. Their first full-length would follow two years later with the title Teknowhore. I spoke to core member Kryztoff in 1996. Bile would release another EP called Biledegradable a year later. At the time this was written (12/99) they are currently doing shows in their native Long Island NY area, though when a new album will come out remains to be seen."

What is bile? Is that the acid that burns your throat when you smoke too many cigarettes?
Krztoff: Krztoff: [laughs] I guess if you drink too much tequila, and you throw up everything in your stomach that can be possibly thrown up, whatever comes out after that(the yellowish liquid) would be bile. When that happens, that's very bad. Bile is very acidic. If it went through your esophagus, it would be very harmful to those parts of your body. Yet on the other hand, bile is good. Bile gets shot...from your gall bladder through your deudonium duct into your stomach and breaks down a lot of the oils and helps with digestion....breaking down things that your body can't normally break down and what not...so bile is good!
Krztoff: Bile also, in a mythological figure of speech, is anger or hatred towards somebody.
How would you compare Teknowhore to your debut album Suckpump?
Krztoff: [pauses] Teknowhore is our first full length release. Suckpump was merely an EP that a lot of people took as a full length album. I think lyrically and sonically and song-wise, it's a step up. It has a better production. It's dirtier, nastier, and sleazier than the first album. Definitely much more interesting elements to it...more textures going on that add to the emotional rollercoaster that we try to take people on when we produce our...art.
From my interpretation the song "Habitual Sphere" is mostly about pain. Is it about pain in general or about something specific?
Krztoff: Well that's the interesting thing about Bile in most of the lyrics I write. I might have a specific topic in mind, but I like to keep it so the individual can make his own decision and bring those lyrics into his own life. So whatever pain I'm thinking of means nothing, it's whatever pain you're thinking of. Whatever pain that it makes you think of. That's what the pain is. Bile is a...personal experience for everybody, and a different experience for every person who listens to it. And it should be taken that way. There's very much sarcasm going on with Bile, also. It's not to be taken too seriously, but on the other hand it's not to be taken [un]seriously.
But as far as the song itself is concerned, what does the title signify?
Krztoff: Well the pain that is talked about in that song is a daily occurrence. It's every day, it doesn't stop, it's always there. Eating and destroying.
I just got a flyer from a band called Urine, which claims to be made of "ex Bile members". How has the lineup changed since the inception? Do you know much about Urine?
Krztoff: [sighs] Where did you get that?
In the mail.
Krztoff: Really. Interesting. Yeah, a couple guys used to be in the group. Urine isn't together anymore. Urine was Mr. Clown, what his group was. And he had Bob Abuse, banging pipes for him, very off-time I might add. And he was banging on a toilet
Krztoff: ...and he had Omen who is not in Bile anymore, either, who was banging on a bunch of shit too. Off-time, again! As far as the lineup changes, our lineup has changed so much, so drastically, it's unbelievable to fathom a stable lineup in Bile. I think myself and R.H. Bear are the only stable members in Bile. The simple reason is, we get bored very easily. Our attention span is very short and we constantly have to keep...changing around. We could come into your town, and then come into your town 6 months later and you'll have a totally different Bile. You'll hear the same songs, but it will be somewhat different.
What happened to Slave?
Krztoff: D.J. Slave recently went back to his career of spinning records and, uh, we don't know what happened to Omen. He may have dropped off the face of the earth. Right now we have a live drummer in the group. His name is Doug Bone, he's the ex-drummer of Suffocation, and we have a new keyboard player, his name is James. We finally have a really good live drummer. He kicks fucking ass.
You got the ex-drummer of Suffocation?
Krztoff: Yeah! Are you familiar with them?
Krztoff: He fucking rules. He hits so hard. We're going out on the road with him. But, in 6 months, we'll probably change again...


Krztoff: So you're in Milwaukee?
Krztoff: We were there for the Metal Fest last year. We were in a shitty mood and the sound system sucked, but we like the town. We got to see where Dahmer might have lived(laughs). That was fun for us.
As a matter of fact, the venue for the Metal Fest was about 3 blocks away from...
Krztoff: ...from where his house used to be. They pointed it out. We were looking for teeth. New earrings.
Is the title Teknowhore any reference to the techno scene itself? What is your opinion of it?
Krztoff: It has nothing to do with techno music at all. It was meant as a "technology whore". It seems that is what everybody is today. Everybody wants the new P.C., everybody wants the new Windows 97, you know, all these major companies are jacking up the prices and coming out with new programs the next year after they take everybody for all the money they got. Then they come out with a new item and make it more expensive, more expensive...and people are so stupid and naive, they're sucking it all up. They can't get enough of it. They can't be happy with what they have. Everybody needs more. Just like sex. That's where the whore part comes in. I'm much more into sex than I'm into computers.
They're both good.
Krztoff: They're both cool, yes.(laughs) That's the one thing about computers...hang on there's a plane flying overhead...[a huge plane noise takes place]...the good thing about 'em is, anybody can make a CD quality recording at home. And the bad thing is, anybody can make a CD quality recording at home. They're gonna have this influx of horrible records being released to the public. A lot of these are better used as coasters for your drinks.
Krztoff: And who the fuck has the money to sift through all these albums??? Who can buy all these records and see what's good and what's not good? That's why it's up to you, as a reviewer, to be honest in your opinion and lead people in the right direction as to what's good and what's not.
I agree with that fully.
Krztoff: Ya know? I mean if you don't like Bile, you should tell people, "Bile sucks". Don't buy this record. But then I'll probably have to kill you. So you wouldn't wanna do that.
One of the many cool stories I read concerning Bile's tales from the road was one incident where waterballoons were dropped on the head of Jani Lane, the singer from Warrant. Has there been any other chaotic shit you've gotten into while on the road?
Krztoff: [chuckles] Well, one of the guys in the band beat the shit out of Yngwie Malmsteen.
Krztoff: He was being a dick in the bar we were at, and we heard he was beating up his girlfriend the night before. Now, we're all into beating up your partner, if they're wanting to get beat up, but his girlfriend didn't want to get beat up. For some reason. So, we beat him up, we've lit hotel rooms on fire, we've shown pornography to children, we've exposed ourselves (which is nothing new for any of us). We get blamed for a lot of things, which half of it we don't even do. But, we think it's amusing.
Krztoff: Like I said, we're easily bored. We have to keep ourselves entertained. I don't care if it's jackin' off or blowing up a car- it's all about having a good time. There's only so much drugs you can do when you're poor. And we're not into cow tipping!
That's a Wisconsin thing.
Krztoff: [laughs] Have you cow tipped?
Yeah, once.
Krztoff: Did you? Have you ever fucked a cow?
Krztoff: A goat?
Krztoff: A deer?
Nuh uh.
Krztoff: Sheep?
No animals for me, man.
Krztoff: Okay.
Why, have you?
Krztoff: Me? Uh, only blow-up ones. Blow up sheep. It's funny when someone catches you, and you're running around with a blow-up pig stuck to your dick.. Trying to find your pants.
Krztoff: It's even better when the pig explodes. Now that I'd like to see. My friend works in an emergency room, here in New York. He said that once this huge, huge woman came into the hospital, and she, uh, had this vibrator. She had been putting a vibrator in her ass, and it got lost. She couldn't find it. She couldn't take it out.
What the hell? ... it was in her asshole?
Krztoff: The thing was still buzzing inside her, so they had to somehow find the thing in her intestines.
[cracks up laughing] This is one of those morbidly-obese type chicks?
Krztoff: He said she was about 500 pounds.
So are you guys good with your equipment or do you break it a lot and stuff?
Krztoff: That's our problem. We do not respect our equipment at all. Not that we're like The Who, trying to destroy everything like that, but it just seems to happen. A lot of times you get better noises out of your keyboards when you smash them hard enough. It's all in good fun! The biggest problem is the fact that we tend to get good equipment, then destroy it quickly and not have any money to replace it. R.H. Bear, for about 4 tours was playing a keyboard that was missing about 15 keys.
Krztoff: That's why he plays bass now. It's null and void. It looks bent now. It's got this curve to it. It shouldn't have a curve to it. But he throws it a lot.
Yeah, I don't think the warranty covers that.
Krztoff: [laughs] We're all white trash in this band. All of us. We're the fucking lowest form of human beings. It's amazing we all found each other. We're all one big happy dysfunctional family.
Crazy stuff, man.
Krztoff: I wish I had time to tell you everything. Tell you what, if you really want to write a good story you should go out on the road with us for about a week.You'll be running home.
You wrote all the music and nearly all of the lyrics for Suckpump. Is the same true for Teknowhore?
Krztoff: Yes. I worked on a couple songs with D.J. Slave, but everything was my idea and inception. He added little pieces to it. It's all my fault. I will take full blame for that record.
Would you microwave a bird if it were to turn into a snake?
Krztoff: Without a doubt. I like snakes a lot better. What kind of snake?
Any snake.
Krztoff: I think snakes taste better than birds. So what I would do, is after it turned into a snake I would microwave it again, then hopefully the snake would explode. Then we'll have snake souffle for the night. Or maybe I won't do that. Maybe I'll take the snake and shove it up my ass. You know what you do? Get an eel. Stick a condom over it's head and shove it up your ass. Eventually it would suffocate and die, but when it's squirming, unreal.
Or how about an electric eel? Do the same thing, but sit in a pool of water?
Krztoff: You're asking for trouble now. Good luck finding an electric eel!
Could you imagine a world with no hypothetical situations?
Krztoff: I don't understand the question.
Um, it's kind of a trick question.
Krztoff: Explain.
Well, "Hypothetical" means to ponder something, so it's kind of a play on words.
Krztoff: You're trying to fuck with me aren't you?[laughs] You know, you fuckin' people from Milwaukee make me sick. Laverne and Shirley. Isn't that where Happy Days is from?
Uh, yeah.
Krztoff: When we come to Milwaukee, and you come backstage to meet us, we're gonna smack you for asking that question. That's the stupidest thing I ever heard.

Do you like the new song "Hate Radio?"
It's too different.

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