Hit Parader with R.H. Bear
1995 - Hit Parader

While RH admits that he has been a part of recording bands for over 16 years, Bile is something of an overnight success. Together for only a year and a half, they have recorded two well-received demos and built a strong following in New York City before coming to the attention of KMFDM's Sasha.

"Sasha heard us through our management company," explains RH. He immediately wanted to work with us, despite the fact that we had yet to sign to a major label."

Sasha remixed the band's second demo, which created a major buzz in the industrial/metal/techno circles and garnered the band offers from a variety of labels. Bile chose Energy Records and have just released their debut album, Suckpump.

"It has happened very fast," admits RH. "It was overnight, but I guess we are doing something that people want to hear."

But people still have little idea of exactly what Bile are.

"Bile are a group of industrial terrorists. Musically, we are the combination of the sounds of every band we have ever been in and every band we have ever listened to. So Suckpump has a variety of the nasty samples and all of the feedback and all of the noise. Hopefully we have created something that is good but also nasty.
"Anything that you can think of being nasty, we would gladly do. We are very aggressive. We are out there to kill." People who have witnessed one of Bile's bizarre live performances have referred to it as Dante's Inferno.

"It is black, evil and very erotic," explains RH.

Currently, Bile's line-up includes Krztoff the singer, Roy the vocalist, Jeff X on guitar, Brett on bass, Omen on cybercussion.

"There is Sin-D who wears next to nothing and hits us with a whip and breathes fire," explains the keyboardist. "Then there is Bobabuse whom we beat. The more we beat him the better the show it is, but he likes it. There are also the clowns who just dance around the stage.

Back-dropping the stage-show are screens featuring graphic movie clips.

"We are looking to strike an emotion in people," says RH. "If they hate it or love it, we have succeeded. That is just what we want to do. We are now looking forward to chance to offend a large number of new people. Yes, we are a bunch of equal opportunity offenders."

"Our shows are not like GWAR's or the Genitorturers', we just do on stage what we do during our every day lives."

Just pray that you don't get invited to one of their homes for a cookout.

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