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The signing with Energy: "We sent them a tape but the label had changed personnel so we got signed by the new regime. The old regime was not interested enough. It's always timing and now is the right time for this type of music. I'm very happy with the way everyone at the label is finally into our music. It's taken me forever. I've been doing this for 16 years and this is my last time."

The lineup: "We've been together since December '92. Along with the band there's Mr. and Mrs. Clown and Bobabuse who're part of the stage show and so is Sin-d. We tie them up and beat them while they breath fire. They roam around and play with the audience. Mclusky is on the lights and also part of the show. We give everyone credit that helps us. R.H. are my real initials. My bear paw is due to a tattoo on my butt.

The stage show: "We try to keep an anonymity so we all wear masks or hoods on stage. No one has any idea what we really look like which is nice. We don't wear anything different than we'd wear offstage except the masks. We live what we do. It's violent and it's S&M oriented with a lot of sex. We show old porno films, gay and straight on stage. We show anything that'll get an emotion out of our audience. We're a bunch of oversexed pigs. We have a little bit of everything in the band. I'm gay and everyone else is into something different. The band is really open-minded and we see everything from every point of view."

The gay scene: "Everyone knows a lot of people who're gay but they just don't talk about it. I'm definitely the outspoken one. I want people to understand that it's not just one way. There are a lot of different people in this world. Our audience is very homophobic and I'm here to turn that around."

The writing: "We've got enough material for three albums. This is just the pick of what we thought would be interesting to put out on the first EP. Hopefully, an album will be following within six or seven months. There's always new stuff working but the first three albums are pretty much done. The writers names are on the album only because of publishing. I didn't write anything on this album. We've lived every song on this album."

Keeping up with Suckpump's success: "The label keeps us informed but we like to keep up on our own. We've all been in the business for a long time so we keep on top of everything. We've all been screwed before so we know how it goes.

Slave and Void: "They're DJ's from a band called Vampire Circus. We've known them for a few years just from hanging out in the clubs. Both of them are interested in what we're into like strange B-movies as well as the same type of music we like. They knew our sound and got it right the first time. We take sound bites from old porno and horror movies. There's a clip from Marilyn Chambers in there somewhere."

Radio: "We don't care whether they play 'I Reject' or 'Get Out' just as long as they play something. It's hard to find a cut that's not dirty on the album. The first video is for 'I Reject' and hopefully it'll pass all the tests for airing. We're very happy with the work that Tony DeSantos did for us."

The artwork: "The cover is from Associated Press. Those are real terrorists. Inside there's a poster from one Gina Volpe who's a member of the Lunachicks. I still see new things every time I pick the album up. A lot of bands are helping out on this project. The scene in New York is pretty cool. It's not like the metal scene where everybody wants to cut each other's throat. If we make it we plan to drag all our friends along with us. We're a very positive band."

Touring: "We're playing a lot of dates with Thought Industry throughout California. We flew into Burbank to play Foundations Forum '94. We'll be all over the place. We're very happy to play Foundations especially since I've never been to California. I really want to visit San Francisco and go to Castro Street. I don't think my boyfiend will be too happy but I want to go and look."

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