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February 17, 2018 – Jim Marcus’ Solo Album “Wonderland”

Jim Marcus has finally made his solo album, “Wonderland,” available for streaming and purchase on his Bandcamp page. Most of the album was recorded in 2006 and contains 10 tracks of calm, deeply personal, and sometimes heart-wrenching songs all written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Marcus himself. The tracks received additional engineering by Dan Evans and Van Christie. Some tracks from this album were released on Marcus’ Reverbnation page around 2015 when there was no definite talk about the album being released in full. Marcus said of the album:

“A lot of my friends know that I have had a solo record recorded for a while and haven’t done anything with it. Likely because it’s a very personal, private effort that I wasn’t ready for anyone to hear. These songs are very low key, sometimes very sad, born out of some heartbreaking circumstances. I hope that there is something here that people might find themselves able to connect with. I admit that it’s a strange record and it’s even mixed strangely. If you do listen, promise me that the very first time you do you turn the lights off and listen alone.”


August 18, 2016 – RIP James Woolley

James Woolley, a contributing member to Die Warzau in the late 80s, died Monday, Aug. 15th at age 49. The cause of death has yet to be verified but is said to be the result of a neck injury from falling in his studio. Woolley’s ex-wife, Kate Van Buren, said that he “brought coolness to playing keyboards” and asks that everyone keeps the Woolley family and his loved ones in their prayers.

After working with DW, Woolley was a contributing member and live keyboardist for Nine Inch Nails from 1991-1994. He later joined Rob Halford and John 5 to form the industrial group 2wo as well as his own group VOID.

Jim Marcus wrote a very heartfelt and passionate article in remembrance of his friend James for ReGen Magazine and can be read here.

Trent Reznor spoke of Woolley’s death to Rolling Stone, saying “Terrible news regarding James. I hadn’t crossed paths with him for some time, but always thought of him fondly. He was a fun character to be around, a solid musician and a genuinely good guy. Those of us from that era of the band have been sharing ‘James’ stories … lots of laughs and love and sadness. Wishing his family the very best.”

June 29, 2016 – SuperGangBang to Be Released

Jim Marcus made a statement via his and the DW Facebook pages that the unreleased final album by DW, SuperGangBang, will see the light of day. He also uploaded two of the rumored tracks, “Play” and “Dry,” for listening via the band’s BandCamp page. The statement posted as a status update to both FB accounts:

“Because a number of people have asked, we wanted to make Play and Dry available for Die Warzau fans out there. Both of these are on the upcoming album SuperGangBang, which actually will be released. It’s great to see that people are interested. Thanks so much.”


Check back for more updates of the release as Jim makes them available.

About DW

DIE WARZAU, originally the Boxx Boys, later changed to Die Warsau Synfony (based on a story about a group of musicians who played for Jews at a concentration camp during WWII), was formed in 1987 by Van Christie and Jim Marcus in Chicago, IL. The duo was part of the Chicago underground performance scene until they were signed to Fiction Records to release their debut album, Disco Rigido, in 1989. The album spawned four singles and two music videos.

Their second album, Big Electric Metal Bass Face, was released in 1991 under Fiction Records. This album included more contributions from other musicians including Chris Vrenna and James Woolley (both members of Nine Inch Nails during the mid-1990s), and audio visual artist Burle Avant. The group toured with Nine Inch Nails to support the album.

Engine, the group’s third album released in 1995 on Wax Trax/TVT, was the last album the group released before going on hiatus for almost a decade, and included contributions from Chris Randall of the band Sister Machine Gun and Charles Levi who has worked with numerous industrial acts including My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult. One of the songs written by Die Warzau during this time, “Hole In the Ground,” ended up on the Sister Machine Gun album Burn.

Die Warzau as a group then went on hiatus for a number of years, with Marcus and Christie working on other projects. Jim Marcus founded the pure funk group Everplastic while Van Christie worked on another project called Eco-Hed.

In 2004, the duo re-united, together with new members Abel Garibaldi and Dan Evans, releasing Convenience on their Chicago-based label Pulseblack Records. In the following years, the duo released a song via Pulsblack’s website titled “Insect,” a track in response to the failure of our country to consider the humanity of its own combatants on both sides in the ongoing American war. Also recorded in this time frame were songs to be released on a new album called Supergangbang. The album was shelved and has still not been slated for a release of any sort. Two tracks reportedly to be on this album, “Play” and “Mona Lisa Communista,” were remixed and released later as GoFight and Borghild remixes, respectively.

2008 saw the release of Vinyl 88, a collection of remixes and previously unreleased tracks including “Born Again” (for which a video was released and was slated to be on the Supergangbang album) and “Hitler’s Brain,” a collaboration with funk pioneer George Clinton. While some of the tracks had seen prior release, many of the remixes featured re-recorded elements.

In 2009, Die Warzau made several songs – many from the recent Convenience and Vinyl 88 releases – available for remixing at RemixGalaxy.com The different musical elements (vocals, drums, bass, etc.) of each song are available as separate tracks, which allows users the opportunity to create their own versions of the songs or incorporate the parts into their own original tracks under personal, non-commercial license. The band also released an EP titled Borghild, available from Pulseblack Records.

In 2011, Die Warzau announced on their Facebook page that their performance at the WTII Minifest 2 on June 12 would be the band’s last performance before breaking up. The live personnel included Jim Marcus, Dan Evans, Vince McAley, and Jay Ramirez. In 2013, the band reunited to play one show at the Cold Waves II festival held in Chicago in September 2013. Since the performance, Jim Marcus has been working and performing with his group GoFight.


Jim Marcus – vocals, percussion
Van Christie – guitars, synthesizers, sampling, editing

Past Contributors / Live Members:
Daniel Evans
Abel Garibaldi
Vince McAley
Xmas (Chris) Smits
Chris Vrenna
James Woolley
Mars Williams


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