Big Electric Metal Bass Face

Out on: Fiction / Atlantic


1. Crack Radio

2. Funkopolis

3. Never Again

4. Shock Box

5. Brand New Convertible Car

6. Burning

7. All Cut Up

8. Coming Down (Live)

9. My Pretty Little Girlfriend

10. Red All Over

11. Pig City

12. Dying in Paradise

13. Suck It Up

14. Head

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Credits: All songs written by Christie / Marcus except “Head” by Christie / Wooley / Marcus. Produced by Christie / Marcus for the Warzone Unity. Van Christie (The Atomic Cowboy) – guitars, keyboards, sampling, programming, head engineer. Jim Marcus (No nickname, sorry) – drums, percussion, vocals, machines, horns. Recorded at Streeterville, D&D Studios and Chicago Trax. Mixed by Die Warzau and Mike Rogers with Steven Manno. Mastered at the Hit Factory DMS by Tom Coyne. Guest artists: Jim Wooley, Chris Bruce, Chris Vrenna, Dave Andrew, DJ Burle Avant, Steve Spapperi

Notes: Dedicated to the memory of Mark Stephens, the DJ who played our very first demo tape with a crowded floor and tapedeck that went too fast. To you and all our other friends who’ve died or will die in the epidemic that our government refuses to notice, we send our love.



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