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1. Crusaders

2. Go Going Gone

3. Permission

4. Radiation Babies

5. Glare

6. Bliss

7. Linoleum

8. Superbuick

9. Terrorform

10. Curious

11. Gone Chemical

12. Kleen

13. King of Rock and Roll

14. Come As You Are

15. As We Are So We Are

16. Shine (All Good Girls Part 2)

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Credits: Mastered By Tom Coyne; Mixed By Abel Garibaldi, Dan Evans, Van Christie; Performed, produced, recorded and written by Die Warzau. Guest artists: Andre Filardo, Biff Blumfengagne, Chris Connelly, Chris Greene, Chris Morford, DJ. Redlocks, J.C. Stokes, James Wooley, Janina, Jason McNinch, Kevin Temple, Louis Svitek, Marcel Henderson, Mars Williams, Marydee Reynolds, Matt Marcoto, Matt Warren, Rick Dody, Sanyung Cho, Ted Cho, Vinnie Signorelli, Zoë McKenzie.

Notes: Produced for the Warzone Unity. “Kleen” contains a sample from “Open Your Mind” by Mike Gray.
“No Christians have been harmed in the making of this record. This won’t stop them from killing, raping and destroying however.”



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