Vinyl 88

Out on: Pulseblack


1. Insect [Butterfly Re Edit]

2. Land of the Free [Red Metal Mix]

3. Born Again [Reborn Edit]

4. All Good Girls [Girls Redrawn KMFDM Remix]

5. Glare [Album Edit]

6. Funkopolis [To Le Funk Mix]

7. Crusaders [Mission to Mars Mix]

8. Welcome to America [Single Cell Remix]

9. Kleen [Kleener Mix]

10. Coming Down [Black Ops Mix]

11. Last Generation [Rapture Re Edit]

12. All Cut Up [Twist and Scar Remix]

13. Nitelight [Medicated Mix]

14. Smacktime (w/ Chris Connelly)

15. Permission [Album Edit]

16. Hitler's Brain (w/ George Clinton)

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Credits: Written, recorded and produced by Die Warzau. Recorded at Chicago Trax, Warzone Labs, Alien Soundscapes, Pulseblack Studios and Rax Trax. Mixed at Pulseblack Studios by Dan Evans and Van Christie. Mastered at Magic Garden Mastering by Brian. Produced for the Warzone Unity by Die Warazau.

Notes: This is a compilation of remixes. “Recordings contain sexual themes and may not be suitable for adults.”



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